Photo Credit: Laancla Photography

Simple Wild Free is my offering to help others live in balance and harmony with themselves.

The habits are simple. Our true selves are wild. And when we feel healthy and in balance, we’re free.

The ten habits I share in my course are the same habits I use in my own life.

They have been a cornerstone for me to stay grounded and healthy, and I believe they can be for you, too.

About Crystal

At fourteen, I attended my first yoga class. Immediately drawn to this beautiful science of self-realization, I continued to practice and underwent a rigorous 10-month yoga, dharma, and Ayurveda training at seventeen.

I have since taught at private studios, retreats, gyms, corporate settings, hospitals, and one-on-one in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Thailand.

Yoga and Ayurveda have been integral in helping me learn to manage stress, anxiety, and difficult emotions.

Through working with some amazing teachers, I’ve come to understand that anxious energy is simply creative energy that needs redirection.

The habits have helped me to make friends with my energy and direct it in positive ways.

I’m still on the journey to live out my love of embodied creativity, passionate presence, and the pursuit of living life in a constant state of play and freedom. 

I hope you’ll join me in the shared experience of enraptured living, reverent irreverence, and remembering the joy in the simplicity of being human.


I’d like to thank my many teachers for sharing their unconditional love, support, and wisdom with me on my journey:

Rene Urbanovich, Mike Harutunian, Emily Kosloski, ERYT, Blaire Chodor, ERYT, Linda Wismath, ERYT, Narayan S. Champawat, PhD, Dharman Rice, PhD, Francisco Vasquez, PhD, Mary Gomes, PhD, Sean Kelly, PhD, Susan Fauman, ERYT, CAHC, Jagadamba Macaraeg, Dharma Bodhi, Sukhalaya Yogini, Claudia Anfuso, Radhe Lesney, MFT, Rita Harrison, Cate Stillman, and Saktí Caterina Maggi.

May all beings everywhere be free from suffering. May all beings know their true nature.