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About Simple wild Free

Simple Wild Free is a project a lifetime in the making.
It started when I was a little girl, and I experienced a sense of suspended time and complete immersion whenever I engaged in creative play. It was during these periods that I felt no separation between myself, my playmates, my environment, and my creative landscape.

I’ve found I am not alone in this. Nearly everyone reports experiencing something similar in their childhood; a sense of complete presence in their play, in which past and future ceased—however briefly—to exist.

It is this “state of play” that is home to the most authentic versions of ourselves, free of labels, roles, judgments, and the binary value assignments of good or bad.

It is in this unselfconscious state that we experience real freedom; freedom from the conceptual designations of the mind.

Simple Wild Free is the culmination of my work to personally experience this freedom in my day-to-day life, and to ultimately help others experience the freedom of complete immersion in the simple bliss of being alive.

This is our birthright as human beings.

Through retreats, workshops, courses, and community building, I help others follow their own path of self-discovery that leads them back to themselves through the creative act of play—whatever that looks like for them.

About Crystal

I had an interest in perennial wisdom traditions as long as I can remember, and always felt at home with the mystical and esoteric.

At fourteen, I attended my first yoga class. Immediately drawn to this beautiful science of self-realization, I continued to practice and underwent a rigorous 10-month yoga, dharma, and Ayurveda training at seventeen.

I have since taught at private studios, retreats, gyms, corporate settings, hospitals, and one-on-one in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Thailand.

As I entered my teens, I formalized my love of wisdom with both undergraduate and graduate studies in philosophy, East and West. Although this gave me access to a huge body of knowledge that I still draw upon to this day, spirituality and life itself became an exclusively intellectual pursuit.

I felt creatively stifled, terrified to express myself because of the heavy shame of doing it “wrong”. The childlike, untamed part of myself wouldn’t re-emerge until many years later.

I also began developing a deep anxiety, which came to a head when I was nineteen and completed my first year of graduate school. I realized that I had been living entirely in a conceptual world and wasn’t actually engaging in my life at all. This realization terrified me.

For several years I struggled against this way of being. I felt trapped inside a mental world with no way out, and was constantly tense, anxious, self-conscious, and fearful.

Life then took me on a series of twists and turns that I couldn’t have predicted or controlled.

When I was still struggling for stability after the birth of my son, I moved to a rural dharma retreat center in Northeastern Thailand to deepen my study of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and associated traditions. I was also in search of a way to reconnect to myself and the world.

Shortly after, I discovered that my son was on the Autism spectrum. I went on a mission to learn how to support him and understand his inner experience.

Inadvertently, I came to better understand my own struggles. I was able to find compassion for myself and let go—slowly and painfully—of my fearful need for control.

After a move to Bangkok, I became a preschool teacher and rediscovered my love for play and the deep presence that comes from it.

The children were constantly coaxing me out of my own conceptual framework, challenging me to show up and be present with them in their messy, wild, uncontrollable world.

This was the perfect antidote to the intellectual overlay that kept me from experiencing my life fully, and re-introduced play into my life in a big and lasting way.

Eventually I found myself in the marketing, publishing, and communications world in San Francisco, where I discovered a passion for creating experiences, conveying ideas, and building relationships between likeminded communities.

At the same time, I found the corporate environment metered, measured, and a bit too serious. That’s when Simple Wild Free was born.

I’ve come to understand—experientially, not intellectually—that my own desire for control was at the root of my repressed state, and that my anxious energy was simply creative energy being repressed.

Once I broke free of the self-made chains of needing to be a certain way, I was able to finally live out my love of embodied creativity, passionate presence, and the pursuit of living life in a constant state of play and freedom. 

I hope you’ll join me in the shared experience of enraptured living, reverent irreverence, and remembering the joy in the simplicity of being human.


I’d like to thank my many teachers for sharing their unconditional love, support, and wisdom with me on my journey:

Rene Urbanovich, Mike Harutunian, Emily Kosloski, ERYT, Blaire Chodor, ERYT, Linda Wismath, ERYT, Narayan S. Champawat, PhD, Dharman Rice, PhD, Francisco Vasquez, PhD, Mary Gomes, PhD, Sean Kelly, PhD, Susan Fauman, ERYT, CAHC, Jagadamba Macaraeg, Dharma Bodhi, Sukhalaya Yogini, Claudia Anfuso, Radhe Lesney, MFT, Rita Harrison, Cate Stillman, and Saktí Caterina Maggi.

May all beings everywhere be free from suffering. May all beings know their true nature.

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