The car is one of my favorite places to diffuse essential oils because the fan comes on automatically when you get in. It’s a no-effort no-brainer. An idea came to me one day when thinking about how to swap out my crumbled up tissue doused in essential oils in my car vent for something a little–um–prettier.

I looked online and saw that I could purchase an essential oil diffuser for the car. Very cute! But the crafter in me got to thinking a little more.

I’m always looking for ways to skip retail and DIY, so I decided to try and make one on my own. It’s not as hi-tech, but is was fun to make, and it brightens up my commute.

I ended up settling on a rolled flower design, though there are literally endless variations. Find a pattern that appeals to you and go for it.

All it took was a needle and thread, a bit of felt, scissors, and a clip. Viola! A flower-shaped essential oil diffuser for the car! You can also wear it on your clothes as a pin; double win!

It literally cost me $20, including the hot glue gun.

The Deets

Step 1: Trace and cut out your leaves and petals in a bow shape.

Step 2: Glue center of leaves cut-out to pin.

Step 3: Glue petals on top of leaves, then layer petals over and over and glue until your flower is filled out.

Really that simple!

A pro tip; it’s best to dab the essential oils on the outer leaves to get the maximum scent, as the petals won’t be directly hit by the vent. And don’t layer your petals too thickly, as the wind won’t penetrate the felt.

Happy oiling!

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