Our Why

So many women are up against stress, fatigue, burnout, and juggling too many roles at once. This retreat invites you to take a break from all of that and revisit who you are at the center.

In addition, you will have the support, connection, and listening ears of a dynamic group of women who share in your experiences, your heartaches, and your wildest desires.

It is in community that we find solace from our isolation and encouragement to realize what we cannot do alone.

Who will benefit from the Playful Joy Women's Retreat?

Female Professionals

Women in Leadership

Female Creatives




Women From All Walks of Life

What To Expect at the Playful Joy Women's Retreat

Retreat Focus

With lightly structured days focused on connection, rejuvenation, and lighthearted enjoyment, we will revisit our playful selves and forge deep relationships within our community.

We will participate in reflection activities and creativity exercises to help us get in touch with our passion, our depth, and our purpose.

With a focus on finding our authentic voice amidst the sea of roles we play, we will practice deep listening and open sharing.

Who We Are

We are a community of peers, a tight-knit tribe of sisters, and a group of women who seek connections deeper than mimosa brunch and shopping dates—though we love those, too.

We are women who want to know your soul’s calling, to support you in living it, and know the joy of seeing it come to fruition.

We are women who want to hear the stories of your childhood, your ancestors, your heartbreaks and your triumphs. We are women who see you, hear you, and hold you, and ask only that you do the same.

What We Will Do

Beginning at 4pm on Friday, January 24th and ending 4pm Sunday, January 26th we will spend 48 hours together in Sisterhood, including:


  • Breakout sessions with retreat facilitators
  • Local, organic meals provided by Wylder Catering
  • Intimate, dormitory-style lodging
  • Hiking, nature walks, & stargazing
  • Ample time for quiet contemplation, rest, & naps (Yes, naps!)
  • Access to venue’s cliffside hot tub
  • Opportunities for private sessions with retreat facilitators

We will spend time in nature in open exploration, allowing ourselves to follow where our desires lead us.

We will get our hands dirty in the sand and in craft, making simple keepsakes to take home.

We will, above all, take time to slow down, listen to ourselves, heed our inner voice, and honor our intuition.

What To Bring

This retreat is truly come-as-you-are. All we ask if that you come with an attitude of openness, vulnerability, and friendship.

Aside from that, you’ll need:


  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight or Headlamp
  • Swimsuit for venue hot tub
  • Books, journal, or sketchbook
Private Sisterhood Facebook Community

Once registered for the retreat, you will be invited to join the private Sisterhood Facebook group.

Through this group, we will keep our community connected before and after the retreat.

As continued retreats take place, more like-minded women will join this group to keep it a growing, vibrant community.

We will share memories, insights, and continue to support one another the intentions we develop in the retreat setting.

Join us in creating authentic connection, friendship, & creative spark.

Our community welcomes you.

More About the Retreat Venue

Nearby are tidepools, harbour seals, and a secluded beach surrounded by miles of hiking and coastal trails. As a dark sky preserve and light pollution-free zone, it’s also a perfect place to stargaze.

Also nearby is the Pescadero Marsh Natural Preserve with nearly 250 acres of protected land. The preserve is home to hundreds of species of birds within an impressively diverse set of habitats.

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse is located in Pescadero, California, right along the beautiful coastal Highway 1.

At the foot of the working, 116-foot-tall lighthouse that dates back to 1872 is the Pigeon Point hostel, where we will have our own private dormitory room exclusively for retreat participants.

Retreat Co-Facilitators

Nissa Liu

As a happy lifelong student of Astrology and History, Nissa entertains different schools of thought from around the world.  She utilizes both Western and Eastern perspectives in astrological readings and can do both Tropical and Sidereal Calculations.

Natalie Lobue

Natalie is a trance medium healer and psychic reader who uses sound healing to facilitate change in her sessions. Sound healing sends specific vibrations through the body by placing Acutonics tuning forks and crystal bowls on and above acupuncture points and organ systems to shift the energy in and around the body. Clairvoyant counseling helps us see the root causes of pain and suffering so we can heal old patterns on an personal and inter-generational level. With clear understanding of the origins of our pain and the wisdom and profoundness of sound healing we can reach deep levels of clarity and healing.

Rene Urbanovich

Rene is a voice teacher and creativity advocate and writer. Her manuscripts highlight the crucial tenets of Creativity through narrative non-fiction and historical fiction. She studied creativity and writing while raising her four children. After finishing three degree programs, she published her book, “The Creativity Conundrum”. She has also published an anthology of poetry on motherhood.

Retreat Guide & Founder of Simple Wild Free

Crystal provides a framework to revisit the sense of suspended time and complete immersion that comes from being fully engaged in creative play.

It is during these periods that we experience no separation between ourselves, our playmates, our environment, and our creative landscape.

With a background in Western philosophy of mind as well as the Eastern traditions of yoga, dharma, & Ayurveda, Crystal integrates the depth of these sciences with the simplicity and reverent irreverence of play.

Ultimately, her greatest qualification is her childhood; a time marked by unselfconscious artistic expression and creation simply for the joy of it.

About Simple, Wild, Free

A resource and community for remembering how to play

  • Simple Wild Free is a lifetime in the making. Through retreats, workshops, courses, and community building, I help others follow their own path of self-discovery that leads them back to themselves through the creative act of play—whatever that looks like for them.

    It is the culmination of my work to personally experience this freedom in my day-to-day life, and to ultimately help others experience the freedom of complete immersion in the simple bliss of being alive.

    This is our birthright as human beings.
  • By carefully and reverently unwinding the stories that brought us out of this state, we can embody the creative beings that we are. It is in this childlike state that we find ourselves, our voice, and our contribution to the world.

    Simple Wild Free is the culmination of my work to personally experience this freedom in my day-to-day life, and to ultimately help others experience the freedom of complete immersion in the simple bliss of being alive.

Interested, But Can't Make The January Retreat?

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