Ten Simple Habits To Fill Your Tank

Get The Support You Need
To Create The Life You Want This Year

It’s a new year, which means we have an opportunity to take a step toward our vision of how we want our year to unfold.

Whether it’s better health, more fulfilling projects, deeper connections, or greater mindfulness in our day to day lives, our habits play a huge role in whether we get there.

That’s why I’m bringing the Simple Wild Free community together for Ten Simple Habits to Fill Your Tank, a 12-week course based on the wisdom of our bodies, the seasons, and the ancient science of Ayurveda.

During this course, you will learn the ins and outs of gentle but effective habit design, contained and supported by a community of people just like yourself who are looking for more balance and connection in their lives.

Over the 12 weeks, we’ll walk through the Ten Simple Habits that make a huge difference in our clarity, focus, energy levels, and sense of integrity with ourselves.

The most beautiful part of the course is that you’ll be supported by myself and a community via weekly live video calls, a robust course hub with videos, breath body practices, and tips, and our Ten Simple Habits Facebook group.

What You'll Receive

Access to the Body Thrive online course portal with tutorials, guided meditations, and more from Cate Stillman at Yogahealer

Weekly live calls with myself & the community, plus access to the Ten Simple Habits Facebook Group

A welcome kit with everything you’ll need to get started, plus a few surprise gifts!

Willpower alone won’t do it. As we’ve seen, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

In addition to the ten week course, I’ll be offering a repeat of this program throughout the year. Habits stick better when you practice them over and over with your friends by your side cheering you on.

You’ll have to opportunity to sign up for an entire year of ongoing support and habit reinforcement with the same vibrant community at a significant discount than if you took each course separately.

We so often overlook the value of our own care and nourishment. When we care for ourselves first through rest, deep soul nourishment, and community, everything else falls into place.

If we feel emotionally and psychologically full, we replicate that fullness in the rest of our lives. You deserve to be full and to share that fullness with everyone in your life.

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Pricing and Time Commitment

The course lasts for a duration of 12 weeks, with the first and final week serving as an introduction and wrap-up.

Each weekly live class will take place over Zoom, and lasts an hour and 15 minutes.

The cost for the entire 12 week course is $400, but because the January course is our pilot…

We’re offering it at the discounted rate of $350 for the entire 12 weeks.

Because habits form with repetition, the course is designed to be repeated four times throughout the year. While the basic building blocks stay the same, the course by its very nature is dynamic, meaning that the real magic happens in the listening and relating among course members.

This means that no two courses are ever the same. 

For those who are ready to commit to themselves and their transformation, the entire year of Ten Habits to Fill Your Tank will typically be offered at $1,600 annually. In light of the discount, the annual ticket will be a total of $1,400.

ten habits price list

But we’re going even further. We want to incentivize you to truly commit to yourself and the transformation that happens when you are a part of a dynamic group with shared language, shared visions, and shared goals. 

Instead of the already-discounted rate of $1,400 for the entire year, we are offering those who sign up for all four sessions of the course in 2020 a $500 discount, which means you can participate in all four quarters of Ten Habits to Fill Your Tank for only $900.

That’s a 56% discount off the original price.

If you’re in and ready to make an investment in your health and well-being in 2020, book an info call below to see if we’re a good fit for each other.