Getting the support you need means
knowing what you need

Get Your Toolkit

The Well-Being & Emotional Support Toolkit includes four quick, simple exercises that take under 5 minutes each. Your answers will show you:


A quick snapshot of your emotional well-being

Where you are feeling unseen or unheard

How to get the care you need and deserve

Where you are losing energy and how to get it back

Simple Wild Free is the culmination of my work to personally experience the freedom of health, well-being, and deep fulfillment in my day-to-day life and to share that experience with others.
So much of this comes from simply meeting our needs for community, creative expression, and feeling valued by our community. When we are held and supported to by our environment, we have the foundation under our feet to be our best selves.
Once we live with foundation firmly planted, we can let go of fear and grasping to experience the simple bliss of being alive.
This is our birthright as human beings.
Through retreats, workshops, courses, and community building, I help others follow their own path of self-discovery that leads them back to themselves through the creative act of play—whatever that looks like for them.
This toolkit is meant as a reflection tool to see more deeply where our lives could use extra support, attention, and love.
I invite you to take this step to give yourself the care you deserve. 

We can all use a little extra support

Once you get your toolkit and hone in on the areas that need support, you’ll get the opportunity to use your inner resources to list out ways you can seek out that support.

Remember, don’t go it alone! We all need each other to be the best humans we can be. Please never hesitate to reach out to ask questions.

I’m here for you!