Through four 10 week sessions that span the entire year, we will come together to explore, connect, and discover.

Below is just some of what we’ll do.

  • Learn healthy food & lifestyle decisions that make sense for you and no one else
  • Connect with a group of peers on the same journey
  • Shift to greater ease, peace, and self-nourishment
  • Increase self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-healing
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your body and energy
  • Find the creativity and inspiration underneath the depletion


Habits 101

Meet your crew

Find your “why”

Set your goals


Deepen the habits

Deepen your connections

Find your power

See the shift


Create momentum

Make lasting patterns

Expand your energy

Get inspired


Cement your new self

Realize your goals

Discover your creative potential

Make friends for life


What you'll learn:

  • Why strenuous effort doesn’t work
  • Why baby steps make lasting change
  • Why freedom comes from gentle discipline
  • Why your natural desires have wisdom in them
  • How to trust yourself and be your own guide

What you'll get:

Weekly Group Calls

Each week, we’ll come together as a group for one hour to connect, set intention, and ground. This is a chance to share ourselves and meet one another as we walk this journey together. We’ll talk health, habits, dreams, fears, and support each other as we go.

Exclusive Course Hub

The course hub is our home base, with a content library of downloadable worksheets, assessments, and recipes to guide you on your journey. It also contains a video library of meditation and yoga practices that you can use to supplement live sessions.

Private Community

The online community is a private Facebook group where you can connect with your sisters in between calls. Ask questions, trade resources, schedule lunch dates, and share stories. This is your space to give and receive support, connection, and friendship.

Monthly Coaching

Monthly coaching gyms are powerful, to the point one on one calls to target specific areas where you want to make quantum leaps. Whether you’re stuck or you want to apply laser-sharp focus to a specific area, this is your opportunity to do just that.

Monthly Meditations

Our monthly meditations are a live group session to ground and connect to our why. They include practices for letting go, committing deeply, connecting to one another, and simply being with ourselves with full self-acceptance.

Monthly Yoga Classes

In these gentle, all-level classes, we connect deeply to the energy of being alive. We celebrate our bodies with slow, simple movements to increase sensitivity and awareness. This feminine form of yoga wakes up our senses without straining the body, helping us find ease and stability.

Invitation to Create

Each month, you’ll be challenged to find an area of your life to infuse with creativity. Whether it’s designing and planting a garden, taking that art class you’ve always wanted to try, or reorganizing your kitchen to make an inspiring cooking space, we’ll support you in what you want to create.

Quarterly Guests

Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to join live sessions with guest speakers who bring something unique to the Simple Wild Free journey. These range from naturopathic doctors, mental health professionals, and creativity advocates to herbalists, somatic healers, and more

Gain Focus

Learn simple tools to get clear & committed

Find Calm

Create an environment of ease inside and out

Improve Digestion

Get regular and learn your body's real cues

Find Your Rhythm

Get your body,mind,and emotions in sync

Increase Energy

Make small changes for deep rest & rejuvenation

Soothe Your System

Learn to enjoy deeply caring for yourself