A Supportive Group Course For Deep Self Care,
Deep Self-Discovery,
and Deep Play

Want to ease stress?

Strengthen your digestion?

Sleep more deeply?

And actually enjoy the process?


You are in the right place. 

Join me for a live group course to learn

10 keystone habits to find greater

ease, peace, and stability.

10 small

Let’s face it.

Life is going fast these days, and it shows no evidence of slowing down. Living at this frenetic pace isn’t just stressful. It can cause inflammation, inhibit immunity, and make us feel like we’re always trying to catch up.


We don’t have to live this way.


With simple, deeply human strategies based in the natural wisdom we all have inside of us, we can step out of the cultural current and do things differently.

We can live our lives deliberately, with intention, and best of all, we can savor every second of it.

Through implementing these simple habits, I’ve learned how to create space for what truly nourishes me. This space is the birthplace of creativity, inspiration, and enraptured living.

Sounds pretty good, right?

These habits have helped me:

  • Have deeper, more regular sleep & healthy sleep hygiene¬†
  • Experience body compassion & intuition around food choices
  • Learn appropriate movement & exercise for my unique body type
  • Manage stress and anxiety more effectively
  • Regulate my nervous system & emotions
  • Free up energy for creativity, inspiration, & contribution

I want to do my part to create a world where every single person can live this way. That’s why I’m over the moon to share these tools with you.